Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Getting started with Robot framework with selenium webdriver

Getting started with robot framework

Intention of this blog is to help in installing the Robot framework with selenium webdriver step by step :

Step 1 : Install the python, you can download the installer from here  https://www.python.org/downloads/  ,use python2.7 ,robot framework is not yet compatible with  python3.4 (till feb -2015)

Step 2:  After installing the python ,make sure to set the path in environment variables
                In system variable add PYTHON_HOME and add that variable in path variable as % PYTHON_HOME%
        setx PATH "%PATH%;C:\Python27\Scripts"
to verify whether Python has been installed correctly or not
go to command prompt and type the command python –V ,it should display the version of installed python.
Step 3:   Now install robot framework
        pip install robotframework
Step 4 : install selenium2 library
        pip install robotframework-selenium2library

If you want to run the sample test with Robot
it will have 2 folders :
1. demoapp (it’s a simple AUT)
2. login_tests(it’s a set of test to validate your application)

To startup the demo application url :
Go to directory where you have downloaded demoapp for e.g “cd c:\WebDemo”
         python demoapp/server.py

Running tests

The test cases are located in login_tests directory. To execute them all use:
pybot login_tests

Report generation

Report will get generated in the same directory 

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